Digitally #AnacondaStrong

Why the new website Anaconda??

Well, every day more and more people are using digital mediums to connect with brands. The marketing fundamental of being ‘wherever your customer needs you’ has never been more relevant. Anaconda International recognise the need to work around the customer and from that concept the decision to commission a new website was taken, more specifically, this website!

The premise of the website was to remain customer focused in its set up, dealing with customer applications as opposed to simply a what we do approach. The customer can come on to the website, have a feel for the brand, navigate their own path through it, avail of downloadable content and add value to their operation! That’s the Anaconda way.

“The new website once more cements Anaconda’s commitment to the customer” remarks Ciaran Gillen, Global Marketing Manager at Anaconda International. “Having spent the last six months in a major rebrand including the full range of Anaconda products, we have a fully-fledged digital strategy ready to jump into operation and the new website is paramount. We envision the website as being an evolving entity, changing with the needs of the customer and markets. It’s an exciting time at Anaconda”

Anaconda International provide an innovative range of screening and conveying machines for the material handling market and have been in operation from 2005. The company has grown from strength to strength as a customer focused organisation which has seen us helping customers with 1000 machines in over 50 countries across 6 continents.

Take some time, see what all the fuss is about, have look at the new website and connect with us on social media! We are a social bunch!