Anaconda has launched the TR10042 as an innovative solution for the materials handling sector. This mammoth conveyor is designed with colossal conveying in mind with stockpiling capabilities that can’t be challenged.

Having gathered a prestigious reputation over the last decade for releasing new innovative products to the market, Anaconda is delighted to announce the coming of the TR10042.

Alistair Forsyth, CEO, Anaconda said :

2019 marks a big year of new and innovative product launches for Anaconda.  The first to be featured this year is the TR10042 Tracked Conveyor.  This is a full 100ft (30mtr) heavy duty latticed framed tracked conveyor fitted out with a 42” (1050mm) wide 3ply belt, impact bed under feedboot, and twin drive head as standard.  This unit is the largest tracked conveyor in the Anaconda product offering and will give a huge 45ft (13.5mtr) stockpiling capacity.  Available with CAT or JCB engines the new Anaconda TR10042 is sure to become an integral part of the Anaconda product line for any of its dealers

The TR10042 is designed to cope with huge volumes of product meaning that it can cope with abusive behavior and still reach our high productivity standards here at Anaconda. This characteristic makes the TR10042 one of the most versatile stock piling conveyors on the market as it has the ability to suit any application it may be placed in such as Recycling, Quarrying and Mining industries.

In brief, the TR10042 offers enhanced reliability on site and improves the productivity of your operation. Efficiency can be improved as the TR100 allows for an entire operation to be managed and controlled by one operator reducing the need for man power, cuts out the need for additional loaders and shovels which saves on fuel consumption costs and allows for a stockpile of up to 45ft (13.5m) without having to be repositioned to do so. 

Fully pre-tested before dispatch, the TR10042 arrives on-site with the head and rears folded. The conveyor will simply need to be tracked from its transport method, unfolded and the feedboot secured to the rear of the conveyor. It is estimated that the TR10042 can be fully operational within 1 hour of delivery to site. 

The beauty about this massive conveyor is the ability to fold and easily transport around with both the head and tail sections hydraulically folding as well as hydraulic controls to operate the rear jack legs and front stabiliser bar to keep this conveyor rooted to the ground. The impact bed allows for use with heavy applications and the variable speed conveyor belt enables continued loading at speeds suited to each user. 

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