The Anaconda range of mobile Screeners-Scalpers has been designed to suit a variety of applications.

The DF410 and SR410 range of Screeners – Scalpers are designed for optimum screening and stockpiling of materials with the longest screen box in the compact screening segment of the market. The 410 range of tracked screens will fold and ship worldwide in standard 40’ sea containers thus keeping shipping costs to a minimum! These machines may be compact in size but their production is anything but with the capability of processing up to 250 TPH.

The DF514 and SR514 range of Screeners – Scalpers offer greater screening capacity with performance of up to 350tph possible. The DF514 scalper offers three way separation of material whereas the SR514 will offer three or four way separation as it comes with a three-deck option. The Scalper is more suited to the rough stuff and scalping where as the Screener focuses on getting the most fines from your product as possible, the 14′ x 5′ screen really helps ensure the productivity of our 514 range.

The SR520 Screener is the latest screening product offering here at Anaconda and boasts with it the biggest screen box we have ever put in a machine at a whopping 20′ x 5′! The SR520 has the ability to stockpile 3 or 4 different products at an output of 450 TPH, making it our most productive screen to date.


Below is our Finishing Screener range:


Below is our Scalper Screen range: